Part of Lake County since 1976, North Coast Car Care Center is committed to this community.  Since our founding, we have taken an active role in supporting worthy causes that benefit our Lake County friends and neighbors. Our North Coast Car Care Center Cares program has helped raise over $1 million for local charities, and we look forward to continuing working on behalf of these groups in the future.

If your school group, church, charity or community organization is looking to raise funds, please contact North Coast Car Care Center to learn more how we can help you help others by selling fundraiser wash cards or by holding an on-site sale.  Running a fundraiser with us is not only more effective than holding a soap and bucket charity wash at a parking lot, it’s also more environmentally friendly, since it requires less water and involves no run-off of soapy residue into our community’s sewage system.

Our two fundraising programs are simple:

North Coast Car Care Center Fundraiser Guide

Wash  Your Price Selling Price Your Profits
Basic Express Exterior  $4 $8  $4
Deluxe Express Exterior  $7.50 $15 $7.50
Basic Full Service Wash $9.50 $19 $9.50
Deluxe Full  Service Wash $14.50  $29 $14.50

Profit Potential -- Here’s what you will make selling 100 of the following:

Or what if you sell 250 of the following?

Think of the fund-raising possibilities! Contact North Coast Car Care Center today about this exciting program that helps make Lake County a better place to live.