About Us

Lake County’s largest carwash might never have gotten started were it not for the Alaska Pipeline and a promised job that fell through for a local teenager named Bob Cummings. Bob left Lake County after high school to seek his fortune in the northern oil fields after a friend who had moved to Alaska earlier promised him work on the pipeline.

The pipeline job never materialized, and having no money to get home (and being too proud to ask his folks for help), Bob took a job at an Anchorage carwash. Within two years, he was the assistant manager at the wash, but missing his family and friends, he decided to move back home.

By this time, however, Bob had been “bitten by the carwash bug.” So, he raised some money and in 1976 he opened North Coast Car Care Center, the county’s first soft cloth carwash. Bob’s new wash grew rapidly thanks to its friendly, personalized service and the quality of its work. It wasn’t long before North Coast became famous among area residents for turning out “Showroom Shiny” cars.

As his business grew, Bob continued to expand, adding a quick lube, gift shop and auto detailing center. Bob was joined by his son Brent in 2003, and a short time later a second North Coast Car Care Center was opened on Federal Highway. In 2008, North Coast Car Care Center added FastPass express lanes to its two locations. Monthly Pass customers who use these lanes have ID tags on their vehicles read by wireless transmitters, so their transactions can be completed with even requiring them to stop their cars or lower their windows.

North Coast Car Care Center prides itself on offering customers the widest choice of carwash services, from deluxe detailing and “Interior Auto Baths” to” “Quick Quality Express Washes” at our FastPass lanes. Regardless of which wash option our customers choose, they can always rest assured that they will receive the highest level of professional service delivered by a dedicated staff using the most advanced equipment.

Looking back at the success of North Coast Car Care Center, Bob is especially proud of the contributions that our family –owned carwash has made to the community. Over $1 million for local charities has been raised through our carwash fundraising program, and hundreds of county residents have found meaningful work at North Coast. In fact, the children of some of our original employees are still working for North Coast today – and that makes Bob very happy that the job at the Alaska Pipeline fell through all those years ago!