What makes North Coast different from its lower priced competitors?

“Like cars, home appliances and just about every other product or service, carwashes are available at different levels of quality. Not all carwashes are created equal in terms of the equipment and cleaning agents they use, the training of their staff and the attention they devote to detail. North Coast Car Care Center continuously invests in new technologies from our state-of-the-art foaming arch to our ultra-high powered dryer. This investment allows us to turn out clean, dry and showroom shiny vehicles time after time -- safely and reliably. So, although our price may not be the lowest, we believe that we deliver the best value to our customers. Apparently a lot of people agree with us, which is why we’ve been Lake County’s carwashing leader for over three decades, even though we never tried to be the “cheapest carwash in town.”

What about the cleaning agents used in your wash, do you invest in them too?

“Absolutely – we never have purchased the lowest priced soaps, waxes and polishes. We are constantly looking for better, safer and more effective cleaning and polishing agents that are formulated to meet the specific demands of this region. Different areas of the country have different road and soil conditions, different climatic conditions and different issues regarding things like bugs. As a professional carwash North Coast is dedicated to finding the right mix of cleaning agents for this area.”

Why do you give a guarantee for a free rewash?

“Because we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction. We know that there are times when a car can get dirty again right after it was washed through no fault of the owners.  For example, it can rain, a truck can splash you with mud, or a flock of birds can leave some unwanted deposits on your windshield.  We know how disappointing this can be, so we want to be there for you. That’s why we offer a 48 hour rewash guarantee – bring your back to us anytime within 48 hours of your visit and we’ll give you a basic wash at no charge.

You have installed a lot of new computer equipment – why is that?

“We use a hand-held computer terminal to write full-service wash orders, and a self-pay station for our express exterior washes. The reason we do this is three-fold: First, the use of computers allows us to complete transactions faster, which saves you valuable time as our customer. Second, the increased speed and efficiency that result from computerization helps us operate more efficiently, which allows us to hold our costs and prices down. Third, the use of computers reduces the risk of errors when entering your wash orders, which makes the experience of visiting North Coast better for you as a customer.”  

If I give my daughter a gift card to North Coast Car Care Center, can she use it at either one of your locations?

“Yes, our computer system ensures all information is shared between our two sites, so gift cards, monthly passes and rewash certificates issued at one of our locations can be used at the other.”

Is this information safe?

“Absolutely. All customer and credit card information is encrypted. Credit card information is stored in a restricted access area by the clearing company and is not even available to anyone at the carwash.

How do you get cars so shiny?

“The “showroom shine” on the cars that come out of our tunnel has made us famous. People often ask us how we get cars so shiny. The “secret” really involves a number of different things.  We start with the best soft cloth we can find, position it just the right way on our equipment and keep it in top condition through a very rigorous maintenance program.  Our water also plays a big part in creating our famous showroom shine. We use water that has been softened, treated and heated for a spotless wash. We also use the highest quality wax available and apply it to your car under very high pressure. The end result is a shiny car that reflects well on you and us!”

How do you get cars so dry without wiping them down at the end of your tunnel?

“We use very powerful dryers that blow heated air on the vehicle to displace and evaporate water at the same time.”