Major Robert W. Plummer US Air Force (Retired)

“North Coast Car Care Center has been very generous in its support of the Lake County chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The management and staff at this carwash have gone out of their way to make our members feel appreciated and welcome, not only during the preparations leading up to our annual Memorial Day parade, but all year long.” 

Nicholas Lindenhurst, Lake Village Realty

“Your Monthly Pass program has been one of the best things that ever happened to my business life.  As a real estate agent I depend on a clean car to present a favorable, professional image to my clients.  Your monthly pass makes it easy to maintain my car’s shiny appearance.” 

Stanley Miller, Walnut Hills

“I never thought my old Ford would look this good again.  Give the guys in your detail shop a big thumbs up!”

Richard Kimble, Lake City.

“Your “FastPass’’ lane is very aptly named. I’ve been impressed with how quickly it moves. I’m on the run a lot so saving time is really important; that’s why I’m glad I signed up for FastPass,”

Gladys O’Day, North Lakeview.

“Thank you to your courteous staff for showing me how simple it is to use your self-pay express lane.  As a senior, computers sometimes scare me, but your staff was really terrific. Now I wouldn’t dream of using anything but your express lane. Keep up the good work!”

Ben Bernard, Lakeview Heights

“My daughter gave me a gift card to your carwash on Saturday. Up until now, I always washed my Buick in the driveway, but I’ve got to say I was blown away by the quality of the job you did, not to mention the speed of your service. From now on, the driveway will only be used to park by car; you have a new customer for life.” 

Sandra Klein, Lake Delivery Service

“For years, I only got exterior washes at your place, but last week I bought a full-service. Wow! What a great job. I never thought the inside of my car could look so clean. Good job North Coast Car Care Center!”

Dr. Mary Louise Gardener,
Lake County Hospital Chief of Cardiology

“Nowadays, it’s refreshing to encounter a business that really stands behind its work. Shortly after you cleaned our car, it was splattered with mud by a passing truck. My husband said that if we brought the car back, you would rewash it at no charge.  I was impressed with how quickly and cheerfully you stood behind your work. Thank you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Patton, Lakeview

“Thank you for restoring our GMC Envoy back to its original appearance after spending three weeks on the road with two six year olds during our family vacation.”

Jiffy’s Pizza, Lake City

“To the entire North Coast Car Care Center staff—We love you guys! Thanks so much for keeping our delivery trucks looking great even after a busy Super Bowl weekend.”